Who’s in Charge?

Do you ever have one of those days when everything seems to go wrong? When there’s something off about the day in general. That’s what happened to me recently.

It started as what seemed like a normal morning. I was going for my morning walk, so I gathered my gear, set the house alarm and went to the car. As soon as I got to the car, I realized that I had forgotten my water bottle. I do not like to exercise without water, so I got out of the car and went back into the house. I repeated the process.  I got the water bottle, set the house alarm, got in the car and drove off. I drove about two blocks when I realized I had forgotten my purse. “Oh, my goodness!” I thought, “I am driving without a driver’s license.”  So here we go again, and I repeated the process. I turned around and went back to the house and got my purse. I set the alarm and got in the car and drove off.

I arrived at a coffee shop and ordered some coffee. I then went to the counter to prepare my coffee. I poured cream into my paper cup, but after I poured it in, I tipped it over on the counter. I wiped up my mess and repeated the process. I poured cream into my cup and then put it into the microwave to warm up the ice-cold milk. Ugh! I tipped it over again! So, I repeated the process. I cleaned up the mess, got more cream, put the cup in the microwave, took it out of the microwave and filled the cup up with coffee. This is not a joke, I did it again! As I lifted the coffee cup it almost felt like a strong wind pushed the coffee cup out of my hand. I knew this could not be the case because I was inside a building. When this happened, I dropped the cup and spilled coffee all over the counter and the floor.

This was the last straw. I knew this was not normal. All the events of the morning replayed in my mind. One event after another. Why? I am not that clumsy. I took a deep breath and walked to my table. As I sat down, I slammed my fist on the table and I said, “Who’s in charge here Satan? I am a child of Christ, and this stops right now!”

Who’s in charge of your life?

4 Little children (believers, dear ones), you are of God and you belong to Him and have [already] overcome them [the agents of the antichrist]; because He who is in you is greater than he (Satan) who is in the world [of sinful mankind]. 1 John 4:4




I went into the break room a few weeks ago to put my lunch in the refrigerator. Not long after I walked in someone walked in and put their coffee cup down and walked over to me. When I looked up at them, I knew something was wrong, and they needed prayer.

They said they had a prayer request and asked me would I pray. I said yes. They told me that they were having a problem with self-control in an area in their life and they needed prayer. They said while they were struggling with it the Lord reminded them that self-control was one of the fruits of the Spirit. This last characteristic of the fruit of the Spirit has to do with moderation, constraint and the ability to say no to the things that we want. Self-control is a gift that can free us from this burden of sin.

When they told me this, my jaw dropped. My mind began to swirl. I was having a problem with self-control in an area in my life as well. So, as they requested prayer for self-control, I could not think straight. I was saying in my mind, “Lord did you send them to me for me to pray to them, or did you me to them for them to pray for me?” I was shocked and confused.

I used to have a weight problem, so my issue with self-control has to do with a particular food item that I struggle to stay away from. I’ve been in some pretty serious battles over food since the 15 years ago when I lost over 100 pounds. So, having them come with such a serious and raw issue caught me off guard.

In response to their prayer request, I told them I would be glad to pray. After I prayed, I told them that I was having a problem as well. We both looked each other in amazement saying, “OH my goodness, look how God is working? Who’s the recipient here, you or me?” We both laughed.

A few days after my encounter in the break room I was in another serious self-control battle. During the battle, I dropped to my knees and told the Lord I couldn’t do it. I asked him to deliver me because it was beyond my control. A few days later while in prayer I felt a strong presence of the Lord come over me. Suddenly, instantly I knew that I was delivered from this issue. I have not had a battle over it since then.

I continue to pray not only for this person but everyone else in the world who has a problem with self-control in any area of their life.

22 But the Holy Spirit produces this kind of fruit in our lives: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness, and self-control. There is no law against these things! Galatians 5:22-23



Keep The Door Shut!

I was invited to a potluck one sunny Saturday afternoon at some friend’s house. It was a great day to eat, fellowship, and play games. Toward the end of the day, as individuals began to leave, I was sitting in the living room checking my text messages. While checking my messages, I began to hear bits and pieces of a conversation on the other side of the room. Since my focus was on my text messages, I did not give the conversation a great deal of thought. However, what I did hear I thought was a little bit odd. Finally, after a few minutes, I realized the content of the conversation, and that it was getting serious.

The conversation centered on a young couple who were getting ready to leave the picnic. The female of this couple was adamant about the fact that she did not want to leave the house by going out the side door. She and her family arrived at the home by entering through the front door. She believed it was bad luck if you did not leave out of the same door you entered. When it came time to leave they were standing in the kitchen that had a side door to the driveway. Three people were trying to convince her to leave out of the side door. When I realized the gist of the conversation I jumped up out of my seat, and I walked over to the woman and said, “You have got to be kidding me! Are you serious?” Everyone in unison said, “Yes!”

I had to refrain from “going off” on this woman. A thousand things were running through my head as I stood there and looked at her. My first thought was she’s a Christian, and she should know better. She should believe in the Lord and not man-made rituals. My second thought was that she had two small children. What message was she sending to these children? A superstition is an irrational belief that originates from ignorance or fear. This woman learned this ritual from her parents, who learned it from their parents. It had been passed down from one generation to the next. Now here she was passing the same superstition down to her children.

While I was sad at the thought of how this irrational belief had a stronghold on her and her family, I also felt sad because I knew she came from a family with many deep-rooted superstitions. I knew that many women in her family were terrified of cats. When I say terrified, I mean I have seen them jump up screaming at the top of their voice running away from a cat that’s 100 yards away on the other side of the street. Terror was in this young woman’s eyes at the thought of leaving out of the side door. I walked over to her and told her she needed deliverance from this stronghold. I offered to pray for her, and she said I could, but she didn’t say it with confidence. She said it in a way to get the conversation over with so she could get to the front door. We were not able to convince her to leave out of the side door.

This young woman was worried about the wrong doors. This superstition was keeping her door wide open for the enemy to attack her and her family.