A couple of weeks ago I purchased a DYI home security system; which means I got a break on the price since I was doing the work myself. The install was going to be a little challenging because I had to install security cameras, door sensors, alarms, keypads, WiFi extenders, chimes, video doorbells, and a motion detector. However, since I’m fairly handy I felt that if I was patient and did a little bit at a time I would get through it with little frustration.

On the day of the install, I took a deep breath and started to install one piece of equipment at a time. My last piece of equipment to install was a video doorbell. The doorbell came with two tiny 1/4 inch screws that secure the doorbell to its base which hangs on the house. Everything was going well until I got to the final step of inserting the tiny screws; I dropped one of them. I screamed, “Gosh darn it!”

I did not see where it fell, so I bent down and stared at the mulch bed and my step under my doorbell praying for the Lord to show me the screw. I looked and walked and looked and walked for several minutes without success. Disappointed I had no choice but to leave the doorbell half-installed until I could call and get some additional screws.

But deep inside of me I knew the Lord knew where that screw fell. I was determined I would not give up! Every day as I went in and out of the house, multiple times a day, I bent over under that doorbell and prayed for the Lord to show me that screw.

After about three days I was walking into the house after taking out some trash and I suddenly stopped. Something said look down. Well to my utter amazement I looked and glistening in the sun I saw the screw sitting plain as day, nowhere near the doorbell. All I could do was scream “Oh my goodness! Thank you, Jesus!”

Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. Philippians 4:6



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