Drop to your Knees!

You know how someone can say something to you and you really don’t pay much attention to them, but then someone else can say the same thing, and suddenly you think it’s a great idea. 

Yesterday I was walking in the park and I was listening to an audiobook. In this book, the author was talking about what it takes to be a strong prayer warrior. He said it was necessary to renounce our will before prayer and accept the will of the Lord. He said we should start prayer just like Jesus did in the Garden of Gethsemane. He suggested that we develop the habit of being sure that we’re praying His will and not our own.

Though this is my practice yesterday when he said it, it touched my heart differently. So, when the author spoke a short prayer, I repeated it. As I prayed, I felt the presence of the Lord come over me. Then as soon as I finished, I heard a voice say, “Come to the throne on your knees.” 

I thought, really? I didn’t believe it was the Lord. “That’s not you”, I said. “That’s just me and my mind going crazy! My spooky-spiritual mind making up stuff.” And I continued to walk. But then I had a frightening thought. What if it really was Him and my brain was rejecting this thought because I did not want to get down on my knees in the middle of a bridge, next to a river, on a busy walking path, in the park, in the middle of the day. Maybe this was my will and not His! As I walked, I kept thinking about it. Could I walk off that bridge without dropping to my knees? What if it isn’t Him and I make a fool out of myself. But what if it is, could I really do what he asked? Both scenarios were tough. It would be tough to do it, and tough not to do it.

Thank goodness the bridge was long because I pondered the question for a few minutes. Come on Sandra, I thought, what’s the big deal? It’s not like He is asking you to be tortured, or to go to jail or to pack up and move to a foreign country and start a ministry in enemy territory.  He is asking you to drop to your knees for Him, right now! So, after careful thought, I made the decision that I would drop to my knees. If I didn’t, I knew I would never have peace.

So, I took a deep breath, looked around me, just to be sure I wasn’t in the path of those that might be walking or bike riding. Well, that’s partially true. I kind of wanted to see who was looking at me. OK, so I’m not perfect! Anyway, I dropped to my knees in the middle of a bridge, next to a river, on a busy walking path, in the park, in the middle of the day and prayed for His will in all that I do. I felt so relieved as I got up.

Funny thing though, as I got up and continued my walk there was a certain part of me that wished that someone had seen me. Maybe that would inspire them in some way. I pray that you drop to your knees when you’re called as well!

42 saying, “Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me. Nevertheless, not my will, but yours, be done.” Luke 22:42



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