Nook and Cranny

Yesterday I sat down to fill my pillbox for the week. While I was in the process of filling the box, I dropped one of my pills. Since I was sitting on a cloth sofa and the floor was carpet, I didn’t see or hear where it fell. I got off of the sofa and looked everywhere. I looked on the floor, under the cushions, and around the end tables, but the pill was nowhere to be found.

The more I looked without success the more I began to feel a little anxious. I wanted to find the pill because I didn’t want it to be found by a child. Leave it to a child to find that one thing that you’ve been looking for-for six months. After looking in every nook and cranny without success, I lifted my hands to the Lord and prayed that he would show me where the pill fell. After I prayed, I went about my normal activities for the rest of the day.

The next day after I returned from church I changed clothes. I put on a pair of sweatpants, a sweatshirt and a pair of winter boot style slippers. We had some unseasonably cold weather so yesterday and today I reverted to my heavy winter slippers. When I put my foot in the right slipper, I felt something under my foot. I took the slipper off and put my hand inside, to pull out what I found. It was the pill! The pill had fallen from my hands and fell inside of a boot slipper that I only wear in the winter months. I said, oh my goodness! I couldn’t believe it! All I could do was shake my head with unbelief and say thank you, Jesus!

“A woman has ten valuable silver coins and loses one. Won’t she light a lamp and look in every corner of the house and sweep every nook and cranny until she finds it?” Luke 15:8





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