Holy Ghost Power

I have a friend who often speaks about the Holy Spirit in terms of that still small voice she often hears. That nudge she gets to turn left or to go right. She spoke of how it makes her feel so peaceful to hear Him. Well, today I feel compelled to talk about another side of the Holy Spirit, and that is the side that is powerful!

I was attending a week-long camp meeting at church when our pastor had an altar call. I don’t remember the reason he asked people to come up, but I went up to the altar. Since it was a camp meeting and the church could seat up to 1,200 people, the altar had a long line of people ready for the pastor to lay hands on them. The line started from the left end of the altar and went almost the length of the church.

It took a while for me to get to the altar, and when I did, I was almost at the end of the line, in the opposite direction from which the pastor was to begin laying on hands. Knowing this, I just closed my eyes and waited as he laid hands on each person. When he completed almost half of the line, I heard a loud boom!

At that moment the pastor started going down the line in lightning fast speed, and along with the loud boom was a rush of wind that sounded like, and felt like, a supersonic train speeding right in front of the line. Generally, he would stop in front of each person and say a few words, but not this time. He said, “Be healed or be delivered” and tapped them on the top of their head and moved to the next.

As the pastor touched each person’s head, they did not softly, or lightly, fall to the ground. Instead, each person was knocked off their feet, and back three to five feet from the line. The pastor was going so fast that the catchers could hardly keep up with him.

Yes, the Holy Spirit does have a still small voice, but he also has the power to knock you off your feet!

 14 Then Jesus returned to Galilee, filled with the Holy Spirit’s power. Luke 4:14




3 thoughts on “Holy Ghost Power

  1. I was happy and full of joy to read your post. The Holy Spirit is real and powerful indeed. As you described in your post, the small voice of inner witness is a way that the Holy Spirit nudges me but I have also experienced the power of the Holy Spirit personally and through others experiencing Him. When I was a child I was afraid of the Holy Spirit because I saw the power but did not understand. Now I know and I am not afraid. I welcome His nudges and power working through me or manifesting in my life. Praise God.

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    1. Barbara thank you so much for your comment. The power of the Holy Spirit is very hard to describe. He’s so powerful He takes your breath away! It took me a long time to hear that still small voice. And to this day there are times that I miss Him because my thoughts, and actions drown him out. I pray you continue to follow his leading.

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      1. Yes, thank you…I pray that I always am led by the Holy Spirit. Like you said, sometimes I miss Him because of my own head chatter or fear. Praise God I’m still willing and desiring to hear Him. You continue to recieve God’s blessings and grace. Be well…


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