Still Listening

Last night I was suddenly awakened because I heard my name being called. It woke me up out of my sleep. Immediately I knew that my name was called by someone in the spirit. When I realized what happened, I said, “Thank you Lord for speaking to me. I am listening. “ I said this because I remember the scripture in the Bible when Samuel was a little boy hearing the voice of the Lord, but not knowing it was the Lord. That story always stuck with me, so I responded to the Lord that I was listening. I laid there for a minute or two, but I didn’t hear anything else and ended up falling back to sleep.

After I got up, I went about my day as normal. I met some friends for breakfast, I left breakfast to go workout, and about midafternoon I stopped at a coffee shop to have some coffee and read my Bible. As a part of my Bible study, there is a website; I like to go to for reading articles, watching videos, and following a Bible study plan. When I got there, I saw a link flashing next to my name that the next thing I was to read on my plan was Psalm 103. I clicked on the link but quickly decided that I did not want to read it on my tablet. Instead, I wanted to read it in my new hardcopy Bible.

I recently purchased a new Bible and had only opened it one or two times. To get in the habit of reading a book instead of a tablet, I placed it in my backpack to carry with me when I left the house. While sitting in the coffee shop, I took the Bible out of my backpack and sat it on the table. I then opened it up and looked down at the page. My heart stopped! I looked at my Bible, and then I looked at my tablet, and then I looked back at my Bible again. I had just opened the Bible up to Psalm 103.

When I say that I opened it to Psalm 103 I mean when I looked down at the page, I was looking at Psalm 103, verse one. I didn’t open the Bible up near Psalm 103; I opened the Bible up to exactly Psalm 103. And to all the naysayers, and unbelievers out there I will answer your question now. No, the little red page mark chord was not on Psalm 103. No, I had not been reading the Psalms in this new Bible. It had literally only been opened about two times. This realization of what happened took my breath away! What are the odds, that out of the entire Bible, out of the 66 books, out of the hundreds and thousands of scriptures would it be that I would open my new Bible to the Psalm I was to read for that day? It’s not a coincidence. As I sat there in amazement, I remembered how just a few hours earlier my name was spoken in the spirit, and I responded with I am listening. Well Lord, “I am still listening.”

How about you? Are you listening? Click on comment and tell me how God spoke to you.

10 And the Lord came and called as before, “Samuel! Samuel!” And Samuel replied, “Speak, your servant is listening.” 1 Samuel 3:10




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