Voice of the World

Not too long ago I received a telephone call from a friend who told me that they were hiring at their company. From what I knew about the company and what they told me about the job I thought it was a great fit. I was very excited! My friend John told me one of our mutual acquaintances, David, had gotten him his job there, and he was passing the blessing forward to get me hired as well. He said that he went to the CEO of the company and sang my praises! He told me that I should contact the CEO personally to get the ball rolling. So, I sent the CEO an email, and a copy of my resume and I was quickly given an appointment for a face-to-face interview.  

I went to the interview, and I felt it went very well. I was excited, and I could tell the CEO was excited as well. At the end of the interview, the CEO walked me to the reception area.  As the two of us said our goodbyes, I looked up and I saw David standing in their copy room. I said, “Hi David.” David then said, “Oh my goodness, hi Sandra!” David then came out and hugged me. The CEO looked shocked and said, “You know David?” I said, “Yes I do.”  As soon as the CEO spoke I heard, the Lord say, “Three people working here from the same company.” That was all he said, but I walked out the door feeling that they were not going to hire three people who knew each other, and three people who used to work together at the same company.  As I left, I felt sad and disappointed, and I thought about it and prayed about it all the way home. As soon as I got home, John sent me a text message saying that he had just gotten out of a meeting with the CEO and they were so impressed they were ready to make an offer. He said they were going to stop their candidate search. He said that I should expect an offer within the next 24 hours. I was so excited to hear that I started to jump up and down.  

I waited patiently to receive that email that would begin with the word’s congratulations! However, within 24 hours I did not receive a congratulations email. Instead, I received a rejection letter. I was blown out of the water. How could this happen? John said I was in! But then it hit me. John said I was in, but the Lord did not. I completely lost what the Lord had said earlier. All I heard was that a job offer would come within 24 hours. I realized at that moment the anguish I had caused myself by letting go of the Lord’s words and grabbing hold of the voice of the world.  

“In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths smooth.  Proverbs 3:6

 Have you ignored the voice of the Lord? Please share your comments below.






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