Rocking Chair

I have a family member who chastises me quite often because they think I’m always, “spooky spiritual.” They told me the other day, “You put God in everything, and you can’t!” I smiled and said, “Says who?” And the explained.

Last week I woke up and one of the first things that I had on my mind was a desire to have a rocking chair in my study. I love rocking chairs! I purchased my first chair back in the 80s, and it has moved with me from state to state, and I have moved it around in the house from room to room. If I feel like rocking in the living room, I move it to the living room, and if I feel like rocking in the bedroom, I move it to the bedroom. But I was getting tired of moving it around, up and down stairs, so I wanted another rocking chair. My dilemma was I did not want to spend a lot of money.

So on this morning, I completed my normal Saturday errands and chores, then I ate lunch and then I decided to take a walk around my subdivision. I usually walk around my subdivision in the morning. Walking in the afternoon is a little unusual because of the heat and the intense sunlight. But it was cloudy that day, so I decided to walk. I grabbed my walking stick and headed out the door. As I stepped out on the street, I noticed a family having a garage sale in the distance. I’m not much of a garage sale person, so I didn’t think much of it. As I walked past their house, I looked up the street a little further, and I noticed another house having a garage sale.
As I approached the second garage sale, what do you think was sitting in the front yard next to the curb? A rocking chair with a matching ottoman! All I could do was laugh with joy. Now at first glance, I was sure no one would buy this chair because the cushions on this chair were beyond filthy! But they did not scare me because I knew they could be removed. As a matter of fact, they were so filthy they looked black, though the original color was beige. I was scared to touch them, but I needed to see the chair structure.
I walked over to the chair, and with my two little fingers, I gingerly lifted the cushion to see the condition of the chair. My heart jumped with joy! It looked perfect. I asked the owner how much she wanted for the chair and ottoman, and she said, “I’m asking $20, but I will take $15 if you take it today.” I said, “I’ll take it!” I told her I would come and get it after I finished my walk.

As I finished my walk, I reviewed the events of the day. First, my first thought that morning was wanting a chair. I got up with the desire of a chair on my mind. Second, I never walk around my subdivision after lunch, but this day I did. Third, there was a garage sale with a chair just waiting on its new owner to pick it up.

I said to my family member, what you call luck, I call a blessing! Trust me, God it in it!
4 Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires. Psalm 37:4

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