The Empty Space

As I was driving to the mall to do my morning mall walk, I kept thinking that it was such a beautiful day that I should walk outside rather than inside the mall. I am an avid mall-walker, but I also love to walk outside as well. The desire to be outside was strong, but it was so early I thought it might be a little too chilly. As I drove, I kept looking at the temperature gauge to see if it would move by the time I arrived at the mall.
When I arrived, I got out of the car, and I noticed the temperature was ok for walking, but out of habit, I headed straight for the mall doors. I went to the door and pulled it to go in, but the door was locked. I will not be able to mall-walk today. I laughed as I realized that walking outside ended up being a decision that I did not have to make. So, I turned around and started to walk around the mall parking lot. As I started to walk, I said to myself, “I wonder if I’m going to find any money.” Usually, when I walk outside, I will find some change. Most of the time it is pennies, but it is found money all the same. When I find it, I pick it up, thank God, pray over it, put it in my pocket, and keep walking.

Walking is a great time for me to talk to the Lord. On this beautiful morning, I started talking to Him about something that I had been reading in my devotional. It was about hearing His voice. My reading discussed how many Christians get frustrated when trying to distinguish their voice from His. As we walked and talked, I said, “How are we supposed to know that it’s you and not us?” He said, “Just give your voice to me every morning.” I said, “Hmmm, ok.” I said a quick prayer to give Him my voice, and I continued to walk.

As I walked, I came to a section of the parking lot where I saw several delivery trucks parked in a row. From my left to my right, there was, truck one, truck two, an empty space, and then there was truck three and truck four. For me to get the maximum number of steps while walking, I walk around the perimeter edge of the parking lot, so that meant that I would walk to the right of truck number four.

As I approached the trucks, I made a step to the right to go around truck four, but just as I made that step, it was almost as if I felt a rope yank me, and direct me away from truck four and steer me to the empty space. I got about three-quarters of the way down the space, when I saw something on the pavement glistening in the sun. It was unusually bright. I had not seen anything that bright before, so it caught my eye. As I walked towards it, I saw sparkling bright like a shiny star was a dime. All I could do was laugh! I shook my head, and said, “So that is what you are saying. Give my voice to you and you will direct my path.”

I then did what I always do when I find money. I lifted it up to the Lord, prayed for a blessing, and kept walking.

6 In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths. Proverbs 3:6



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