Each week I measure out my morning vitamins and medicines into a day-by-day container. Last night before going to bed I measured my medicine into the container for the week. After I was finished, I went to bed. After falling asleep, I woke up a few hours later feeling something was wrong with my medicine. All night long I kept tossing and turning feeling uncomfortable about my medicine or what I measured out for the week.

After waking up the third time, I could not go back to sleep. So, I got up to check my medicine. Immediately I found a problem. I found that my day-by-day container had two of the same medicines for each day. I had just renewed my prescription, and the new pills came from a new vendor, so they didn’t look the same as my current prescription. As a result, mistakenly I counted out two of the same medicines for each day. Since they looked different, I counted them each as individual medicine and not as the same. Once the Lord showed me what I did, I was so thankful! I corrected the problem and took a sigh of relief. I thought to myself this could have been dangerous!

Praise God for my unrestful night.

27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me. John 10:27



2 thoughts on “Unrest

  1. Thank God for the holy spirit and your obiedence that is such a blessing that you checked it and was able to correct it.Haleluyah!


    1. I know! It’s always so amazing to me how he knows. And oh my goodness it’s hard to think about, what could’ve happened if I just blew it off. Thanks for your comment.


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