You’re in the Army Part 2

After the shock of learning that I was to build the Lord’s army, I had to laugh because I joined the military soon after high school. As a member of the military, there’s a couple of things I learned. First, my life was not my own. I was owned by the military. I must go where they tell me to go, when they tell me to go, and how they tell me to go. Second, I had to live with the fact that at any time I may be placed in harm’s way.

The similarity of my real-life military experience and my new position struck me hard. As a child of the living God, I have surrendered my life to the Lord. I have voluntarily decided to go where he tells me to go, do what he tells me to do, and how he tells me to do it. I also know as a Christian there will be times when I am placed in harm’s way, and I always have to be prepared for battle.

The excitement of being handpicked to do this job quickly waned as I contemplated the ramifications of hiring the wrong person, and hiring someone I wanted and not Him. All it takes is one evil person to walk into a room and turn it upside down. I immediately knew I had to relinquish all hiring decisions to him. Clear on my role and the need to be led by the Lord, I was promoted and started work.

After working about 3 to 4 weeks in heavenly bliss, the attacks started. I was in a war! Just as I was placed in this position by the Lord to do the job, there was an enemy out there that didn’t want me to do the job. Just as the Lord had people handpicked that he wanted to fight in his army, the enemy had handpicked people to stop them. It’s been a roller coaster of ups and downs. The attacks were not just on-the-job, they moved into my personal life including my health, my relationships, and my finances. As soon as I was able to stand in faith on God’s word for his promises in one area of my life, the attacks would show up in another.

Just like in a real-life war you cannot let your guard down. As soon as you fall asleep, the enemy creeps up on you. But praise God, as you win each battle you become stronger. Also, you learn that if you listen to your leader, they will guide you to victory.

“I have appointed you for the very purpose of displaying my power in you and to spread my fame throughout the earth.” Romans 9:17



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