The Last Minute!

Today a friend of mine asked me to pray for her financial needs. I told her absolutely! There have been times in my life when I was in dire need of money to pay my basic needs, let alone anything above and beyond that I might want. Those times were the most difficult and challenging times in my life. I certainly wouldn’t want to repeat them, on the other hand, my faith grew exponentially. I learned when there’s nothing else that you can do, you stand!

When I spoke with my friend, I remembered a time when my car insurance was due. If I paid my car insurance, I wouldn’t have enough money for any other bills or food. If I paid the other bills or food, I wouldn’t have enough money for car insurance. I weighed my options and decided I better pay the car insurance. I did not want to get into an accident or to get caught with driving without insurance.

I waited until the last-minute to pay, so my only option was to go to the website and pay the bill online. I had never done this before, but I knew my insurance offered the option. I went to the insurance website to the online billing tab and followed the prompts. To my surprise as they walked me through the payment process they gave me an option called 50/50. This option allowed me to pay half of my car insurance at that time and the other half at the end of two months. I was ecstatic! I took the option which allowed me to keep my insurance active, pay my other bills, and buy some groceries!

God is good! It’s not a coincidence that I didn’t write a check several weeks earlier and instead waited to the last-minute. God will take care of us. Just believe and trust that he will. We don’t know how but as long as we stay prayed up and listen for his direction he will get us there.

And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:19



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