The Eclipse

This weekend is a big weekend for our city. In a few days, we will witness a full solar eclipse. I’m not much of a science buff, so I haven’t been paying much attention to what’s been going on around this event. I’m not the kind of person to stand in a line overnight to get tickets to a concert, or to get up at 3 o’clock in the morning to buy a new gadget that’s coming out. I certainly knew that our city was in the path of the eclipse, but that was the limit of my awareness.

About a week ago while at work I ran into a guy in the hallway who asked me if I was going to watch the eclipse. I told him no and that I wasn’t that excited about it. I said, “Science really doesn’t thrill me.” However, he was so excited he was literally jumping up and down. He looked like a five-year-old kid on Christmas morning. I literally saw sparkles in his eyes when he talked about it. He had arranged to take the day off, and he was taking his family to the park to have a picnic, and then watch the eclipse. As I watched his excitement, I almost felt guilty because I wasn’t as excited as he was. In his excitement, he told me that he had an extra pair of glasses if I wanted them. I thanked him and told him no. He also told me that he was praying for good weather because there were so many people expected to be in town to view it, it would be a shame for them to get here and it’s cloudy, or rainy, and they are not able to see it. Well now here was something I could wrap my teeth around. I’m a prayer warrior, so I thought that’s a great prayer point. I told him that I would pray about it and then I returned to my office.

I prayed about it when I got back to my office and then packed up and went home. The next morning, for whatever the reason, the first thought on my mind when I woke up was the eclipse. So, I thought, “Let me pray about it again.” I said, “Lord, there’s a lot of people coming into town. Let there be good weather so that they could view the eclipse. Lord let all those who are traveling have a safe trip. Lord let them have a wonderful day with their family. Let the sun shine, and the clouds go away so they can get a good view.” My prayers were filled with words such as those, they, and them. I then said, “Lord I’m not that excited about it, but….” I didn’t get a chance to finish my sentence because the Lord said something to me that took my breath away. When I said, “Lord I’m not excited about it but …” He said, “I created it for you.” I made an audible, loud gasp. I said, “Oh Lord I am so sorry! I did not mean to minimize your creation. I know you created this all. You created the universe, and you were the one that made the intricate synchronization of all of the planets, and stars. I am so sorry for taking this event so lightly.”

When I got to work one of the first things I did was track the guy down who said he had the extra glasses. He still had them and gave them to me. I took my glasses, and I called my boss, and I arranged to take the day off. So, in a couple of days, I’m going to sit in my lawn chair in the front of my house with my glasses and thank the Lord for the wonderful universe he created.

1 In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Gen 1:1



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