Quick Fix!

A couple of days ago while I was on vacation, my air conditioning stopped working. I have a tendency to like the summer heat. However, while at home doing chores I suddenly realized it was very warm in the house. When I went to the thermostat I found it had jumped up to 84°. I examined my thermostat and discovered that my air conditioner was not working. I immediately prayed for a quick fix and a low-cost solution.

One of my neighbors has been in the air-conditioning business for over 20 years, so I immediately gave him a call. He was out-of-town on vacation and couldn’t assist, but he provided me with a company he felt that could do the work. I called them, and the dispatcher said that she could get someone to come, but she had no idea when they would be able to make it. That was not good news because it was 84° in the house. I prayed again for a quick fix and a low-cost solution. About 30 minutes after I talked to the dispatcher the repairman called and said that he was on his way. I screamed hallelujah! I don’t think I had to wait more than 45 minutes before he arrived at my house.

When the repairman arrived, he went to the unit and began inspecting and running some diagnostics. Within 15 minutes he discovered that a part had gone bad. He told me what it was and I said, “That sounds expensive.” He said, “Not as much as you think.” He told me that he would get me a quote in a few minutes. He went to his truck and filled out the paperwork. I prayed for a low-cost solution the entire time he sat in his truck filling out the paperwork. When he returned, he told me the entire job was only going to cost a couple of hundred dollars. I was so excited! Air-conditioning units can be expensive to get fixed, and many times fixing is not the solution, and they have to be replaced. In this instance, it was only going to cost me a couple of hundred dollars. I was elated, and I could not have asked for anything better.

He took the new part, and he went to the air-conditioning unit and began work. I stood, and I watched him as he struggled with getting the old part out of the unit. He was on his knees in front of the HVAC huffing, puffing, and pulling on the old part, but he couldn’t get it to release. Finally, he dropped his hands, and he said, “This thing is not going to come out.” Immediately I prayed for the Lord to release the part. Before I finished my prayer, the repairman reached up to try to give it another tug. As I said, “Amen” the part dislodged and popped loose.

Glory be to God I was so amazed at what the Lord did. It took my breath away. All I could say was thank you, Jesus!

I needed a quick and low-cost solution, and that’s exactly what I got.



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