Train Ride

My sister passed away six years ago. When she passed away, she was in a nursing home. She was a quadriplegic, and so before going into the nursing home, she was cared for by various family members, including living with me in my home. She was physically disabled but not mentally disabled. To not burden family members any longer she made the decision to go into a nursing home. She was terrified because she had heard so many terrible things about life in a nursing home. But since she needed 24-hour care she decided that this would be best.

From the moment she arrived she received poor care. I was at the nursing home every day. After a couple of weeks of not getting adequate care, she made the decision that she wanted to escalate her problems up to the director. I supported the decision, and that’s what we did. The director got involved and came back with a plan of action. We didn’t realize at the time that this was a mistake. From the moment she voiced her complaint her care became worse. After she complained she would ring her bell for assistance but no one would answer. One day after ringing the bell numerous times and waiting several hours for help, a technician walked into her room and slammed her hand on the wall turning her light off. She then walked out of the room slamming the door behind her. Once the door was closed, she yelled, “Put this in your pipe and smoke it!”

When my sister told me this, I was livid! I was fighting mad and ready to duke it out with the technician and the director! However, my sister was totally against it. Her response to me was, “Let’s pray about it.” I took a breath and joined my sister in prayer. We prayed for the staff and the treatment of all of the patients in the nursing home. We continued to pray this prayer both together and individually.

One day when visiting my sister, she told me that the woman who had slammed the door and told her, “Put this in your pipe and smoke it,” was on her way home from work when she stopped at a railroad track to let a train go by. A car behind her was speeding and rammed into her car, and her car rammed into the train. The car was dragged several feet. Thank God, no one was hurt. After the accident the woman never returned to work.

We both looked at each other realizing that this was an answered prayer. We counted and realized that everyone who provided poor treatment was gone. They either quit, got fired or were sent to another shift. I looked at my sister, and I said, “Well, I guess when you’re not being nice to God’s people you might end up taking an unwanted train ride.”



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