Always Working!

Not too long ago I went to bed as normal. However, while in bed I suddenly realized that I was in the spirit. That’s the only way that I can describe it. That may not be technically correct, but those are the best human words I can use to describe what happened. While in the spirit I saw and felt someone laying hands on me. The anointing was so strong that when they touched me, I jerked up off the bed. I sat up and looked around and realized that this was occurring in the spirit, so I went back to sleep.

Once asleep, it happened again. This time I saw a man in the spirit, and he pointed his finger at me and said my name. He didn’t just say my first name; he said my first name and my last name. The power that came from him was so strong that when he pointed and said my name, I jerked out of bed and I found myself standing next to my bed. I was a little disoriented, so I sat down on the bed and tried to collect myself. I was out of breath and shaking, but at the same time; I felt wonderful.

This is not the first time something like this had happened. Each time it was different, and each time it reminds me that when we are asleep, the Lord is continuing to work on us.

Praise God; he never sleeps, he’s always working.



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