Years ago after I graduated from high school, I went off to college in another state. Before leaving I closed my bank account in Michigan to take my money with me for school. I had worked very hard and saved $6,000, and I was planning to budget it to last for the four years of school. I was attending school in Florida so as most schools do; I was randomly placed with a girl I had never met as a roommate.

I arrived in my new dorm room first, so I selected the side of the room I wanted and began unpacking my things. Once I was finished, I went across the hall to go to the restroom. I don’t think I was gone for more than five minutes when I returned to the room. When I opened the door, there were two people standing in the room. One of them turned out to be my new roommate, and the other was her older sister. Her older sister had a mean look on her face. She said, “You are not going to need that leather jacket you got. It’s too hot down here. Where you from?” Immediately I began to think how she knew I had a leather jacket. I glanced over to my closet, and I could see that the door was not completely closed as I left it before I went to the restroom. It was apparent she had been rifling through my clothes.

Though I was angry, and I felt what she did was very rude, my thoughts were not on her but on the $6,000 cash I had in my purse. I quickly introduced myself and then told them that I had an errand to run, and I had to leave. I didn’t want to call attention to my purse, so I decided just to grab it and leave. As I was walking down the hallway, I opened up my purse and looked inside and saw that the money was still there. When I got to the dormitory lobby, I asked the RA for directions to the nearest bank. She gave me the directions, and I set out to deposit my money.

When I arrived at the bank, the lobby was closed, but the drive-through was still open. I didn’t feel comfortable opening up an account in the drive-through with $6,000 cash, but I felt I had no choice. Who knows how much that woman would’ve rifled through if I had not arrived when I did? I spoke with the bank clerk and told her that I wanted to open up an account. She sent all the information that I needed, and I filled everything out, and returned the information to her including the $6,000, my driver’s license, and the completed paperwork.

After returning the information I sat patiently waiting for her to complete what she needed to complete. When she was finished, she said, “Thank you, and have a nice day.” She returned my paperwork in the tube, I took the information out and stepped on the gas to drive away. I only drove about 10 inches when I heard the Lord say, “Stop!” I slammed on the brakes and listened for a second. The Lord then told me to look at my bankbook. I opened up my bankbook, and deposit slip and I saw that the clerk had only deposited $60 out of the $6,000 that I sent her. I was still in front of the microphone, so I looked at the clerk, and I said, “You only deposited $60.” She said, “Oh I’m sorry. I guess I didn’t understand your handwriting.” I said, “My handwriting? What were you going to do with the $5,940 that was left out of what I sent you?” She didn’t answer the question. She just told me to return the information to her, and she would fix it. I returned the information to her, and she made the corrections and sent me my bankbook and a deposit slip for $6,000.

I was so undone by what happened; I was shaking from head to toe. I sat there for a minute unable to move. All I could say over and over again was thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus, thank you, Jesus, for stopping me.

21 You will hear a voice behind you saying, “This is the way. Follow it, whether it turns to the right or to the left.” Isaiah 30:21



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