Full Circle

In 1999, I was at work when I received an email from someone from Virginia. The email was from a woman who was looking to relocate, and she was searching for a job in my area. I did not know her, and I was not sure how she got my name. I responded to her email and told her that we didn’t have any job openings and I gave her some suggestions to check a few other places. A few years later in 2006, I had moved on from the job I had in 1999 and was working for another company. One of the first people I met when I started this job was one of the managers in the call center. We hit it off very well. I found out that she was a Christian and we talked about our faith often.

After working there for about a year, one day I was standing in the hallway, I looked up, and I saw her walking towards me with an odd expression on her face. She walked up to me, and she said, “You are not going to believe this!” I said, “Believe what?” She said, “I was searching my hard drive at home looking for a document when I found an email from you dated back in 1999.” I said, “What?” She told me that she had been living in Virginia, she had gotten my name from someone, and she emailed me about job openings. I said, “No way!” She said, “Yes way!” We both stood there looking at each other stunned. I said, “I guess we were supposed to get connected back in 1999, but we didn’t.” She said, “That is so strange.” I said, “No that is amazing. The Lord wanted us together, and he did not give up until we were!”

All I could think about for the next few days was how life could go full circle. We are still good friends today though she’s moved to another state. When we first met in 2006, we were both managers in the same call center, and now almost 20 years later we are both working in HR for two different companies.

Isn’t it amazing, when God wants something for you, he doesn’t give up.



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