The Creaky Door

A few days ago, my clock rang indicating it was time for me to get up and get ready for work. I reached over, and I turned it off and then I laid my head back down on the pillow for what seemed like only a second. When I did this, I found myself in a state of not being asleep, and not being fully awake. As I laid there, I realized I was seeing in the spirit. This had happened to me before, so I was not afraid.

Though I knew I was seeing into the spirit world, I also knew I was still in my home in my bed. What I viewed in the spirit was my room, but my room was so dark I could not see any furniture, the floor or the ceiling. I just knew I was in my bed, and I was in my room. While lying in this pitch-black room, I saw a man walk through a door and close the door behind him. His image was completely black, and I could tell he was wearing a long robe, but I could not see any details. I seemed to understand that he was hiding himself so I could not see who he was.

Though I knew I was still in my bed at home, this man walked through a door that was on a wall in my room, which currently does not have a door, because my dresser is pushed up against the wall. Apparently, it was a spirit door, and not my physical door. When the man came through the door, it creaked. The creaking was so loud and so real it caused me to lift my head up off the pillow to determine where it was coming from. I was aware of the man, and I saw the door but the creaking caused me to think it was my house door. My natural brain suddenly was alert because I thought that it might be the door to my house. It was just that real.

In my mind, I thought, “Is someone coming into my house?” Then I realized it couldn’t be because I had my house alarm on, and since the alarm did not go off no one was in my house. Once I determined that no one was coming into my house, and this was the man’s door, I turned my focus back to the vision only to find the figure gone and I was fully awake. My first thought once back to reality was I felt blessed for the experience but also angry with myself for allowing the world to get in my way and bring me away from the things of the Lord. I kept thinking about what could have happened if I was able to relax and allow the figure to come in and do and say what he needed to say. Instead, I was back to reality and had to get dressed for work.

I felt sad at first until I realized that nothing is by chance. I was supposed to hear the door. If this figure hid himself, then he wanted to control my experience. If he wanted to slip in quietly, he could have. I concluded that the Lord wanted me to know He was there. Praise God!

20 … And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” Matthew 28:20



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