He’s Amazing!

Early this morning, I went to my favorite restaurant to have a bagel and coffee. As I sat reading my Bible and praying, I felt the Lord’s presence. Whenever I start my day, I often ask the Lord if there is someone he wants me to minister to, or he wants to minister to me to bring us together.

After eating I went to the gym, and after the gym, I went to the grocery store. About halfway through my grocery shopping, I ran into a woman who lives in my subdivision. We spent a few minutes getting caught up and then I asked her how was church. We use to attend the same church until I switched several months ago. She told me that last week Sunday was her first day back after being out for surgery. She then told me that she had some medical issues that required surgery and she had been out for about seven weeks. She talked about the surgery and getting back on her feet. I shared with her that many years ago I had the same surgery.

She was so excited to talk to someone who also had the surgery because she had not met anyone she could discuss her recovery, symptoms, and concerns. She also didn’t know if some of the decisions she had made regarding the surgery were good or bad. I told her about my experience, and as we talked, she kept saying how grateful she was for the conversation. When I shared with her that I had the same surgery, and I made the same decisions she was relieved.

Each time I said, “Well I better let you go.” She said, “No it is no problem!” We both stood in the store with half-filled carts and talked for 30 minutes. Once the conversation ended she thanked me for stopping, and I said, “It was all the Lords idea!” I explained my earlier prayer, and she said, “Isn’t He amazing?” I said, “He sure is!”

For the LORD Most High is awesome. He is the great King of all the earth. Psalm 47:2



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