This past week I had a doctor’s appointment downtown at a major hospital. The hospital and the parking area has been undergoing a significant amount of construction. Because of the construction, we are told to arrive for our appointment at least an hour in advance.

A few days ago I was unable to make it an hour in advance. Instead, I arrived at the entrance to the parking garage 30 minutes before my appointment. This is a multi-level garage, and the cars were lined up winding around every aisle on every level in both ways. I thought oh my goodness! I prayed for the Lord to get me a parking spot soon, so I wasn’t late for my appointment. I sat in the line scooting forward inch by inch for about five minutes. Suddenly on the right, I saw a van backing out giving me the opportunity to park in that space. The van was right in front of me, so I waited for them to pull out. Unfortunately, I did not pull in to this parking spot. I moved right past it. The reason was because I thought that the only level a visitor could park on was the blue level. I was on the green level, so I did not want to get a ticket for parking in a space I wasn’t supposed to park, so I let someone else in.

Much to my dismay as soon as I let the other person in and the truck before me move forward about a foot there was a sign on the ceiling that indicated visitors could park on the green level or the blue level. All I could do was just say oh no Lord I didn’t mean to pass it up! I told him that I thought that I was on the wrong level. I apologized for not taking the spot that he gave me. So I asked him to get me another one. In less than five minutes the traffic in the parking garage opened up! When I turned the corner, this new aisle was almost empty except for a huge van trying to get into a parking spot designed for small cars. I patiently pulled up near the van. When he realized he couldn’t get his van into that spot, he moved on, and I parked in that spot. So praise God I was able to get to my appointment 20 minutes early.

As I was pulling into the parking spot, I kept thanking the Lord for opening up the traffic and opening up that spot for me. As I thought about what he did, I thought about how sometimes we ask the Lord for “one” thing. And if we don’t get it, or we miss it we stop. This had never happened to me before. When I pray for a parking spot, I get it. I’ve never had to pray for two on the same day at the same time. It taught me to keep repeating my requests. Sometimes when we do not get what we ask for we feel defeated and miserable and just keep moving on. I’m willing to bet that if I had done that this time I might still be riding around that parking lot looking for a spot. I’m so glad that he hears all of our prayers. Even the ones that we repeat over, and over, and over again.



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