Raise The Flag!

As a prayer warrior, I had many opportunities to assist someone who was seeking salvation. One day I was working on our prayer line when a man called and mentioned that he was not saved, so I asked him if he wanted to say a prayer to accept Jesus as his Lord and Savior. He said yes, so I started saying a prayer, and I asked him to repeat each line.

Everything was going well until I said, “I surrender everything within me to your control.” When I said that line the man didn’t repeat it. There was silence. I thought he didn’t hear me, so I said it again. I said, “I surrender everything within me to your control.” It was so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Then after a brief moment, the man said, “I’m sorry ma’am I can’t say that,” and he hung up.

Recently I started meditating on what that statement meant. Essentially you are allowing yourself to be controlled by the Holy Spirit. I am sure this guy was asking himself “Do I really want to be controlled by something else, even though it is the spirit of God.” I figured he was contemplating if he really wanted to hand his soul over to the Holy Spirit and say, “From now on you keep the keys to my car because I come and go as you tell me.” He had to decide if he was willing to allow someone to take control of his life that would stand in the exact opposite of the world’s ways. The Holy Spirit if he takes over will bring you in opposition to the world just as Jesus was in opposition to the world.

I thought I knew what surrender meant until I went to a revival at my church several years ago. A guest Pastor was speaking, and during his sermon, several people near me became excited and started screaming and jumping up-and-down in the isles. Some of them also took off running around the church. If you did not know what was going on you would quickly assume chaos.

I stood in front of my seat and swayed back-and-forth to the music and sang along with the choir as I usually do. Then all of a sudden several people near me started running in place so fast their legs and feet were a blur. Then all of a sudden I felt the Holy Spirit jump from the crowd near me and land on top of my head and shoot down my body to my feet. I then started jumping up in the air, waving my hands, and screaming at the top of my voice. As I was jumping and screaming, I realized I was not in control of my body, mind, or spirit. I knew what was happening to me, and I could see and recognize the scene around me. I just did not have control over what my mind, body or voice did. After what seemed like forever, the Holy Spirit then jumped off of me and went somewhere else, and I collapsed onto the pew. As I laid there exhausted and amazed, I thought, so this is what it is like to be possessed by the Holy Spirit! I like it!

I have been seeking that revival moment every day since then. Each day when I get up, I raise my hands with an imaginary white flag and surrender so the Holy Spirit to come and take control.



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