A Helping Hand!

A few days ago I was in my study cleaning the blinds. The ladder I was using had a shelf on it, and I had a bucket, with warm water, and a sponge I was using to clean the blinds. I needed to get some rubber gloves, so I started backing down the ladder to get them. When I got to the second to the last step, I thought it was the last one, and that the next one was going to be a short step to the floor. Boy was I wrong!

As I made that last step, everything began to happen in slow motion. My entire body twisted 90 degrees. As I was falling to the floor, I felt two huge hands, larger than the length of my body wrap themselves around me and slowly lower my body to the floor. It felt like laying on a soft mattress. My body was not aimlessly or recklessly falling and hitting the floor with a bang. It was less like falling and more like floating. The hands were guiding me in a very specific direction. I was not only turned 90 degrees; I was guided to fall in a space in between a love seat and a small coffee table. The width of the space was about 2.5 feet. My body was guided so that my rear end would hit the floor directly in-between the table and the love seat. As soon as I hit the floor, the first words out of my mouth were, “Thank you, Jesus!”

When I hit the floor, I suddenly had a revelation of the experience I had not had before. As the Lord showed me how my body was twisted and how his hands wrapped around me, and slowly guided me to the floor, I realized that my body did not feel any pain when I hit the floor. Also, there wasn’t the usual soreness that occurs after a fall. I realized how if I had not landed exactly where I did, and I had fallen a little bit to the left towards the coffee table I could have been killed. The top of the coffee table is glass! If my rear had landed smack dab in the middle of that table, I could have died. I realized how my rear end hit the floor and not my head. If the Lord had not guided me to the floor, my head could have hit the concrete floor, and I could have died.

The Lord showed me his helping hands not only in that instance but my entire life.



2 thoughts on “A Helping Hand!

  1. Wow!!!! I’m so glad you’re okay!!! Praise God that the fall didn’t kill you, my goodness I would have been beyond devastated. I had a similar experience when I was a child. I was riding my bike going down a hill in my neighborhood, I was approaching the end of the Hill and proceeded to use the brakes on the bike. Little did I know that the brakes stopped working. So with panic I jammed the brakes extremely hard and I went flying in the air. I remember it like it was yesterday, for me too it felt like I was going in slow motion. I remember being up in the air my face towards the ground and I remember thinking once I hit the ground that it was going to hurt. But when I hit the ground it literally felt like I landed on a big soft pillow. I then realize the bike was coming down as well. When the bike hit the back of my legs it felt like it was just gently place on my legs. I got up without a scratch with no pain. Even as a child I knew that was a miracle of God!


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