Not a Fluke!

I have long abandoned the idea that there are such things as flukes or coincidences in my life. I am a firm believer that everything is orchestrated by the Lord. However, with one particular family member he thinks that is rubbish. Particularly when I told him about a situation with one of my college classes.

I have been teaching college part-time for almost 16 years, and I gave the scheduling of my classes to the Lord. I believe Him to bring me what I need when I need it. Since it is a part-time position, I get paid when I teach. I have come to rely on this income, so naturally, I have plans for my paycheck each month.

The Lord’s scheduling is awesome, and I teach regularly. However, one month I sat down to look at my budget and my paychecks and I could see that when the next month started, I did not have a class on the books. This meant no paycheck for the next month. Without that money, I knew that a bill was not going to get paid. I did not know where the money was going to come from; but I did believe the Lord and his Word, so I buckled down and used scripture to keep me out of fear, and his promises to keep me in faith.

A couple of days after the month started I was praying. During prayer, the Lord instructed me to go upstairs and clean the bonus room. The bonus room still contained contents belonging to my sister who had passed away. In obedience, I went straight to the bonus room and cleaned it. I didn’t half clean it. I cleaned it thoroughly. I cleaned the closet, as well as all of the cabinets and drawers. I was exhausted, but I finished in a day. The next day I got an e-mail asking me if I was interested in teaching a class. I responded, “Absolutely!”

I believe the delivery of this class was a result of my obedience. There was nothing coincidental about it. The start of this class meant a paycheck for the month. My relative said it was a coincidence and that I was one of those Christians who believes everything was from God. I said, “Exactly!”



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