Credit Due

One day as I was driving home from work I stopped at a stop light. I was in the left-hand lane, so the lane next to me was the turning lane for those who were to turn left at the light. This lane was empty, so I sat with my window open enjoying the weather. I sat with my arm and hand hanging out of the car window. My elbow rested on the window, and my hand was placed on top of the left side mirror. I listened to the radio and tapped on the mirror to the beat of the music.

As I moved to the music, I started to feel uncomfortable. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but I knew something was not right. I then found myself moving my hand off of the side mirror and placing it inside the car on my lap. A few seconds later a truck came zipping down the center lane trying to make the light so he could turn. This truck had extra-long side mirrors. As the driver came zipping down the lane, he drove too close to my car, and as a result, his side mirror clipped my side mirror breaking it. If I had left my hand hanging out of the window and resting on my side mirror, this truck would have ripped my hand right off my arm, and possibly taking my arm with it.

I was stunned at such a close call. I then started to examine my uneasy feelings before the incident. I realized the Holy Spirit had warned me. He knew of the danger and warned me to protect me. Hesitation when hearing his voice could have been disastrous.

When things like this happen, I always try to make sure that everyone knows that it was the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we have a habit of saying, “I had this gut feeling, or something inside of me made me do such and such.” Well I know that it is the Holy Spirit, and I try my best always to give him the credit he is due.



3 thoughts on “Credit Due

  1. These always bless me thank you for the reminder because we could sometimes minimize the fact that it was the holy spirit (:


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