To the Rescue!

It always amazes me how the Lord knows exactly what you need when you need it. Just at that time when you think he’s not there, or he’s not listening, he shows up. His presence in what we consider a small gesture, can turn around your entire life. Not just your day, but your life!

Over the past several weeks my personal life has been busy with home repairs. Day in and day out I have been pulling up carpet and painting. At the same time, my work had become very busy, and stressful. I seldom get headaches, but I found myself over the past several weeks having to take aspirin.

This past week was a particularly difficult one because I have been feeling a great deal of pressure to complete a project. One day I was mentally and physically exhausted, and my head was pounding. I needed relief, so I slipped into our chapel and started to pray. As I prayed, I spoke from my heart and told the Lord I needed a hug. I said, “Lord I really need a hug this weekend.” I said, “Please bring someone to me who will hug me.” This might not seem like a big deal to you, but it is a big deal to me. I think I mentioned in a previous article how my sister taught me the value of a hug. Not just a hug, but a good hug! As a single person, I do not have a lot of opportunities to get hugged, particularly when I am feeling down. It is a situation I have learned to pray my way through. This was one of those days.

After praying, I left the chapel and went out to the call center floor. I was looking for someone to talk to with the hopes they could cheer me up. I walked to the middle of the floor and stood there for a minute. I said, “Hi” to a few people, and then I was about to leave to go home when I looked up and saw a friend walking down the aisle. She was packed and ready to go home. As she passed me, she reached, out and rubbed my back and gave me a slight hug. She then said, “Are you all right?” I shook my head and said, “No.” She said, “Is there something I can do for you?” Before I could respond, she reached, out and put her arms around my shoulders and gave me a big hug! I said, “The hug is good!” She rubbed me on the back again then walked out the door to go home.

I turned around as well and headed back to my office when I suddenly felt the presence of the Lord. I was so overwhelmed with his love. I thought about how so many times he came to my rescue with encouragement when I needed it. I was humbled as I realized how just a few minutes earlier I asked for a hug, and a few minutes later I got one.


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