Let Jesus Call!

Not too long ago I had an extremely busy week. I was busy from the moment I got up to the time I left the office. I was juggling multiple projects at a time. They were critical and somewhat complex projects. If I dropped one task on one project, it created a domino effect causing parts of the others to tip over and fall. During this time it required that I maintain my focus, keep order, and pay attention to what I was doing.

One particular day was very exhausting. At the end of the day, I went to bed around 9 pm. I laid in bed reviewing the day and thinking about my schedule for the next day. I knew I had an early meeting with a client, but I began to question whether or not I sent him an email confirming it. When I schedule these meetings I always follow-up with an email to the client and confirm the date, the time, and the location of the meeting. I started to feel some anxiety because I thought, what if this guy does not show up for his meeting. I had notified six or seven people within the company that he was coming. However, I was not sure if I confirmed it with the client.

In a panic, I jumped up, and I ran to my laptop and started doing a search in my email. I could not find an email sent to this person confirming the date and time of the meeting. All of these terrible thoughts started tumbling through my mind. What if he doesn’t show up? How is this going to make me look if I screwed up? I had his telephone number but by this time it was almost 10 PM, and I felt it was inappropriate to call his home at that time.

Unsure of what to do, I went to the Lord, and said, “Lord, what do I do, should I call this client?” Immediately the Lord said, “No.” I thanked the Lord for his response and went to bed. I got up the next morning, and I drove into work at my normal time. I walked into my office, and I saw the message light was on my phone. I played back my message, and it was a message from the client confirming with me that he will be at the meeting.

Thank you Jesus for making the call!


One thought on “Let Jesus Call!

  1. I enjoyed reading this. It let’s me know that God is in control and He goes before us and already have things worked out on our behalf.


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