God Don’t Like Ugly!

A couple of months ago during a family weekend of fun, the adults took all the children to a trampoline park for some family fun and bonding. While at the park one of my nieces saw a young man laughing and making fun of a young girl. Though we certainly don’t know this child’s background, from looking at her your first thought was that she had battled with cancer or some disease that caused her to lose her hair and her body to be frail. Though her head was not completely bald, you could tell someone took great care of the hair that was left or growing back, to fashion it into a style. This young man was laughing at this girls hairstyle. This upset my niece who then walked over to the young man and chastised him for his behavior. I don’t know what she said to him but when she returned she walked over to her younger nieces and nephews and said, “God don’t like ugly!” She explained to them what she saw and told them what she did and why.

I was very proud of what she did. Though there are those who argue that this phrase is not in the Bible, I say to them, “So what!” I grew up hearing it and as a young person, I knew that this phrase was telling me that we should not do things that were bad, or ungodly. It was easy to understand and easy to apply. As a young person, this phrase governed much of my behavior. My critics tell me that my nieces and nephews should be taught a scripture or a proverb to replace the man-made phrase, “God don’t like ugly.” My response is, “Get over yourself.” God don’t like ugly. But I guess that is a little harsh too. I just did not want my critics to lose the intent of the saying.


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