It always amazes me how merciful the Lord is in bringing me out of a sinful situation. No matter how big or small, He is always there to show me the way. My sin for about the past month has been greed. I’ve had this tremendous urge to spend money. Now first let me say I don’t have a lot of money, so we are not talking about spending hundreds and thousands of dollars. I am talking about unnecessarily spending $20 here and $25 there. It’s amazing the damage this can take on your bank account. And what is even more embarrassing is that I wasn’t buying anything of any real importance. I would go into a store and see some cute little doodad and say, “Awwww that is such a cute doodad! That would look so good on my dining room table.” Cha-ching! And then I’d go into another store, and I would see even more doodads. And I would say, “Awwww that is such a great doodad. I have wanted one of them.” Cha-ching! I did this again and again over the past few weeks. As the days and the weeks went by and I was continuing to spend, I found myself beginning to feel sick in my spirit. I knew that this was a stronghold I could not seem to break.

One day after overspending I walked into the house, and I found it to be very warm. I went to the thermostat and noticed that the thermostat was not on. I checked the HVAC units both in and outside of the house, and the results pointed in the same direction; my HVAC was not working! As soon as I saw this, I felt like I was going to puke. Staring me in the face was the result of my greed. I sinned with money now I am going to be hit with a big money bill! Anyone who knows anything about HVACs knows that they can cost a lot of money to repair. The realization of what happened as a result of my greed took my breath away.

Full of shame and embarrassment I went to the Lord, and I repented. I also asked Him for forgiveness and most importantly I asked Him for mercy. I prayed for him to have mercy on me and that this repair would be a quick fix, and easy fix, and a low-cost fix. That night as I sat in my home with 98° outside and who knows what the temperature was on the inside, I fought the urge to feel sorry for myself. I fought the urge to beat myself up and get depressed. I fought the urge to feel ashamed and embarrassed. I knew I could not go there because it opens the door to the enemy. Instead, I kept focused on the Lord and believing that He was going to answer my prayer.

After a long sweaty night, I called a HVAC repair company to get an appointment for a technician to look at it. They scheduled a technician for the next day at 8 am. Fantastic! That was quick! Prayer one answered! The technician inspected the unit and found that it was a clogged pipe. He took out a device to blow air into the pipe and the unit started right back up. Awesome! That was easy! Prayer two answered! Finally, he handed me a bill, including the trip charge for less than $200. Praise God! That was cheap! Prayer three answered.

This incident has had a big impact on my behavior. Now every time I think about spending I find myself asking the Lord what he thinks. Though it was a hard lesson to learn, it was a good one and an important one.



2 thoughts on “Cha-Ching!

  1. I find myself having many life lessons as well. Just as you I have to repent, ask for forgiveness and mercy. I’m so excited how the LORD answered your prayer and gave you your hearts desire.


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