Not Walking Alone!

One day I met a friend for lunch at a local restaurant. When we arrived, we found an open booth in the corner. It was a little out-of-the-way, but it was the only available place since we were there during the lunch hour rush. Our server arrived immediately and took our drink orders. Before we could get settled into our booth, a little boy who looked to be about 3 or 4 years old walked over to the table and stopped about 1 foot away. He stood next to our table staring in my direction with an expression on his face I had only seen in a movie. The expression on his face reminded me of a scene in the movie ET. Elliott saw ET hiding among the stuffed animals, and his face showed a look of awe, excitement, and wonder at this marvelous creature.

I saw that same look on the face of the little boy in the restaurant. Immediately I realized that he wasn’t looking at me. He was looking above my head and behind me. I followed the direction of his eyes and turned around to see what was above me. I saw nothing except a blank wall. We were sitting in the corner of a restaurant, in a booth surrounded by a wooden wall on three sides. The only opening to our booth was the aisle where the little boy was standing. The little boy stood there unable to move. His eyes were twinkling, and his mouth was open. He was so struck by what he saw I wasn’t sure if he was breathing. He looked as if he was trying to say “wow!”

The little boy’s mother was sitting two tables away attending to a second child. Apparently, she had this child who was 3 to 4 years old and an infant in a restaurant high chair. The mother was trying to keep an eye on the little boy and at the same time pay her bill, and get the infant cleaned up and out of the high chair. Every minute or so she would look over her shoulder and call him and tell him to come back to the table. He never moved. I don’t believe he heard her. He just stood there in delight staring above my head. I said, “Hi,” to him and waved but he didn’t move or respond. His head was tilted back so far I knew that whatever it was he was looking at was either very tall or hovering high above the ground above my head. The little boy stood several minutes. Finally, his mother was ready to leave, and so she called him one last time. He still did not respond so she walked over to him and grabbed him by the hand and told him it was time to go. She also apologized to us because she could tell he was so close to our table she assumed he was a nuisance. As she pulled him away, he never took his eyes off what he saw.

My friend was watching the entire thing. As the mother dragged the boy away, she looked at me and said, “Boy Sandra he really likes you doesn’t he?” I said, “He wasn’t looking at me.” She looked at me puzzled because she didn’t understand my response. I told her that I wasn’t an expert or a theologian. I told her I did not know what type of spirit being he saw, but he saw one and obviously, he wasn’t afraid. I told her that I pray every day for protection, so my obvious first choice is that he saw an angel. Praise God!

I am so grateful for this experience because it was nice to get the confirmation that I’m not walking alone.



2 thoughts on “Not Walking Alone!

  1. I love this! I do believe young children have interactions with angels all the time. My mom often tells me the story of an experience my dad had with me when I was a young child. I believe I was either 2 or 3 years old. My dad was at a store holding me in his arms, waiting in line to check out. He was tapped on the shoulder and he turned around and saw a little precious lady. The lady told him that your daughter is very special, take good care of her. He said yes I do and will continue to take good care of her. My mom said he was kinda shocked and turned back around. But after just a few seconds he wanted to turn around again to thank the lady. But when he turned around she was not there. He was even more shocked because she was nowhere to be found. He couldn’t believe someone could just disappear that fast in a matter of seconds. After he shared this experience with my mom she said that was an angel you encountered. Even today I’m so grateful that God has His angels watching over me. I have not seen them but I know for sure that their present.


    1. I know what you mean. Every day when I get in my car to pull out the driveway I ask the Lord to send his guardian angels out befor me to protect me as I go out and about. It makes me feel better and to keep my focus on the fact that they are there and I’m not alone.


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