Light Bulbs

I remember the first time I saw the ocean. I can still smell the water, and feel the sand between my toes. I also remember the first time I saw the Grand Canyon. I was overwhelmed with its beauty. However just like I can bask in the joy of a good memory, I can squirm at the thought of a bad one. I remember the smell of smoke when my neighbor’s house burned down like it happened yesterday. Memories carry with it the sights and sounds of the event as if it were real. For the past several months a memory is triggered for me every time I walk down the housewares aisle in my local grocery store. Each week when I get there I remember what could have happened if the Lord had not intervened.

One day when I was shopping for light bulbs, I stood in the aisle scanning the shelves for bargains. After a few minutes of comparison, I found the ones I wanted, and I reach to take them off the shelf. I stretched forth my hand to get them, but when my hand was about two inches from the top of the package I froze, and then to my surprise, my hand jerked back from the shelf. It was a strange feeling because I did not voluntarily pull my hand back. It was stopped and pulled back by the Lord. I was stunned because I did not understand what was happening.

When my hand was fully pulled back, I looked at the light bulbs, and I found that the head of the light bulb which usually peaks through the top of the package was cracked. It was broken right at the spot where I was going to grab the package. I cringed as I imagined the pain from the cut glass. If I had continued and grabbed the light bulbs, my fingers would have been seriously injured because light bulb glass is very sharp. I stood there in the aisle shocked for almost a minute. Each time I walk down that aisle, I cringe as I remember the sharp edges of broken glass. However, I am then quickly overwhelmed with love as I remember how the Lord protected me. Each week I close my eyes and say thank you, Jesus!



4 thoughts on “Light Bulbs

    1. Yes you make a good point. I just mentioned a time when he protected me and I knew it. I can’t imagine all the times he’s protected me and I didn’t realize it.


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