Nothing But The Lord!

I love wearing Christian T-shirts. When I exercise or when I’m out running errands I usually have one on. I’ve been wearing Christian T-shirts for a long time. It’s my way of spreading the gospel. Some of my friends do street evangelism, and others go door to door soul winning. I have done each of these activities, and neither one of them fit my personality. However I discovered that by wearing a Christian T-shirt I wouldn’t have to say anything, but I could become a walking billboard for the Lord. I love it! Most of the time when I’m wearing one people don’t say anything to me. Let’s face it they’re running their errands as well. But now and then I’ll get a thumbs up, or someone will comment, “Nice T-shirt”, or someone will give me a big smile and a wink. Occasionally I will run into someone who will divert their eyes or look off into the distance. I am fine with that. I don’t walk up to them and start talking. I feel my T-shirt says it all.

Until recently I never felt uncomfortable wearing my shirts. That changed a few weeks ago when I joined a local fitness center. For the past few weeks, I’ve been going to the fitness center and exercising every day after work. When I arrive, I have to go to the front desk and check-in. One of the first things I noticed once I joined was that when some of the staff members saw my T-shirt, I could see in their eyes they were uncomfortable. Some of them backed up and left the area, some of them turned their back, and others responded with short one word responses. They spoke to me with caution. It’s like they didn’t want to get too friendly. At first, I didn’t think too much of this because I figured they didn’t know me. I figured once they got to know me everything would be fine. However, each time I arrived I found one or two staff members would give me the cold shoulder. Day after day this happened. I became increasingly uncomfortable to the point where I started feeling some anxiety about going. I loved how I felt while I was exercising but I didn’t like feeling shunned. I didn’t like that one day when I was on the treadmill I happen to see my personal trainer, and so I lifted my hand and waved, but he diverted his eyes in the other direction.

Each day as I prepared to go to the gym my anxiety grew. I started contemplating not wearing the T-shirts. I started talking to the Lord about it. I didn’t want to stop wearing them, but I was feeling so uncomfortable it was affecting how I felt while I was there. One day as I was packing my gym bag I found myself standing in my closet trying to find a T-shirt that might go unnoticed. One that didn’t have a message that was too strong. I flipped through several of them reading their messages and contemplating which one to wear if any at all. Finally, I felt the Lord nudge me to stop struggling over the T-shirt, pick one, and go. So that’s what I did.

I went to the fitness center and found a parking spot. As soon as I stepped out of my car I looked up and saw a man and his wife getting out of their car. To my surprise the man was wearing a fluorescent green Christian T-shirt with the words, “Put on the full armor of God” Ephesians 6:10-18 on the front in large bold letters. All I could do was chuckle. I said to myself, “That was nothing but the Lord.” I walked into the fitness center, and there was someone at the front desk I had never seen before. They welcomed me with a smile. In disbelief, I headed to the treadmill and got on. While walking on the treadmill, someone tapped me on the shoulder. I turned my head to look at them, and I saw a guy giving me a thumbs up, and he said, “I like your T-shirt!” I chuckled and said to myself, “That was nothing but the Lord.” I completed my work out, and I left the gym. When I got out into the parking lot a guy walked past me to get to his car, and he said, “Great T-shirt.” I chuckled, and said, “That was nothing but the Lord!”



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