Three Hours with Jesus

My sister passed away in 2010 so each year as her birthday approaches in July I begin to think about her and how much I miss her. She passed away while in the hospital surrounded by her family. She made her wishes known that she did not want her life extended if her health declined. So as a family we agreed to support her decision to turn off life support if necessary. After having an operation, she was placed on life support temporarily until the doctors could determine if she could live without it.

Once she was taken off life support, I pulled up a chair next to her bed and held her hand. After a few minutes, I saw her smile, and I watched as her face displayed the look of amazement. I immediately knew she saw Jesus. The doctors told us that hearing is the last sense to stop, so I called her name and asked her if she saw Jesus. She grunted yes. I told her to follow Him, and she grunted ok. A few minutes later she started making soft grunting sounds and shaking her head slightly in the direction of yes and no. I could tell by her sounds and the timing of them that she was having a conversation. I asked her if she was talking to Jesus, and she shook her head and grunted yes.

As I observed her having this conversation, I wondered what they were talking about. I also wondered where they were. According to the machines, she was still alive. Life support had been turned off, however, she did have clips on her fingers to monitor her pulse, blood pressure, and heart rate. I sat next to my sister holding her hand for over 3.5 hours while she had a non-stop conversation with Jesus. After about 3.5 hours she went silent and for the next several hours the heart monitor showed her heart rate and pulse slowly decline until she was gone.

Naturally, I do not know the details of her conversation with Jesus. All I know is that I was blessed to be able to be there when she passed, and glad that her last conversation was with Jesus.



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