See Your Faith

A few years ago I met a Christian couple, and we became fast friends. We used to live near each other, but they’ve since moved about 20 miles away. However, we still continue to stay in contact. Whenever they are in my neighborhood, they stop and say hello. It is always nice to see them, and it is a blessing to pray together. One of the things I learned about them was that they are standing in faith to have a child. They both have children from previous relationships however they do not have any together. The wife, Sally, said the Lord told her they were to have a baby. When talking to them, you will find that they see their situation a lot like Abraham and Sarah, in the Bible. They do not have any concerns that by the world’s standard they are getting too old. Whenever we see each other, we pray and stand in faith that a child would be brought into their family.

Though we do see each other often, I had never been to their new house until a few weeks ago. They decided to start a Bible study group and asked me if I would attend. I said yes, and when I arrived, I walked in the front door and noticed from the corner of my eye a baby’s high chair sitting in the dining room. My natural response when I saw them was to ask if they were babysitting. I was told no that the Lord had promised them a baby, and they were standing in faith. As they took me on a tour of their home, they showed me two guest bedrooms. One of the guest bedrooms was decorated as a nursery for an infant, and the other guest bedroom was decorated for a small child. As they showed me around the room they discussed how they were standing in faith because the Lord had promised them a child.

After we had completed the Bible study, I returned home. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about what I had just seen. From the world’s standpoint this would be considered crazy, and a waste of money. However not to this couple of faith. They said the Lord told them they would have a baby, and so they were getting prepared. Most of us stand in faith for things we keep private, or we tell only a few trusted friends. This is safe because if it does not happen, no one is the wiser. This couple was boldly shouting to the world that their God had a plan for their family, and they believed it!

This experience caused me to look back on my life to see if you could see my faith. The Lord has answered many of my prayers. But like many others, most people do not know when I am standing in faith unless I tell them and ask them to stand in agreement with me. From now on I pray to stand boldly in faith as they did.



2 thoughts on “See Your Faith

  1. I love their faith. People often tell me I have crazy faith. I say I believe God at His word. This encourage me because I’ve been believing God for a new car in which I won’t have to pay for it, but it will be given to me for free. Now of course people think I’m crazy but I’ve seen God do it for others. He put it on my heart so I’m believing it will come to past.


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