He’s Alive!

I know a guy who reads the Bible like it’s an instruction manual for putting together a computer. He reads it strictly from his head. He questions the logistics, the geography, and the possibility of everything that he reads. It is not unusual for him to call me or text me and say things like, “I read the chapter on how Noah built the ark and it’s impossible.” He will say, “I know how to build things, and you can’t do what the Bible said Noah did.” Or he’ll say, “I looked at a map and those two cities are not even close to each other. How could so-and-so walk that distance in three days?” He asked so many questions to one of his best friends that his friend told him that questions about the Bible, faith, and Jesus were off-limits between them.

Whenever I speak with him, I feel both frustration and sadness. I feel frustrated because I know he’s going to ask me questions that I haven’t thought about or are almost impossible to answer to his satisfaction. On the other hand, I feel sadness because he’s missing the opportunity to develop a personal relationship with the Lord. He does not believe Jesus is real because he can’t get past his questions. He sent me a link in an email to a website that listed 50 reasons why you can’t believe the Bible. Naturally I deleted it. I told him I could not tell him what to believe, but I could tell him that I know he’s real because I know that he changed me into a different person. I know he’s real because he speaks to me daily. As a matter of fact, he spoke to me yesterday morning.

I got up early to exercise and to run some errands. After taking a walk in the park, my plan was to drop some clothes off at the dry cleaners. So as I got ready to leave I grabbed a bag filled with my laundry, my purse, my water bottle, and my walking stick. After loading up the car, I was just about to leave when the Lord spoke to me. He told me that I had taken my garbage bag filled with my laundry and placed it in the trash can on the side of the house for the trash guy to pick up. I stopped dead in my tracks! I was so shocked I couldn’t speak. I went to the trash can and just as he said there was half of my wardrobe ready to be taken away with the garbage. Oh the Lord is real alright! He stopped me from throwing away half of my wardrobe. He is surely alive, and I could care less about the right way or the wrong way to build an ark. Read with your heart! He is alive!



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