Be Brave!

One day while I was praying God told me that my job would be going away, but that I was going to be all right. As I meditated on what he said, I thought this was a strange choice of words. I did not know what he meant, however, I believed him so the next day I went into work and started to clean out my desk. I did it secretly, so no one knew what I was doing. I also started sending out resumes.

Knowing that I was going to lose my job I began to pray and I ask the Lord to send me the job he wanted me to have. At this point in my life I knew that my success was only going to happen on a job he provided. I knew it was time for me to cross over the line of faith and fully trust him. I was a leader in this organization, and I was making a lot of money. However, I had learned that chasing after a job for the money caused me pain. I did not want to go through this again; I was ready for whatever the Lord sent my way. From the moment he told me about my job going away, I knew that His job was the only one I wanted. I consistently prayed that if I applied for a job, and it wasn’t the one he wanted for me I asked him to block it. I promised the Lord that whatever job he wanted me to have that I would do it.

One day while at work I was one of about one hundred employees who received an e-mail telling us that the company was reviewing our positions as a part of a project to reduce costs. We were told that if they could fill our jobs somewhere else at a lower cost that our position would be eliminated. About a month later I was informed that my job was being eliminated and moved to the Philippines. That’s when I understood what the Lord meant when he said that my job would be going away.

A couple of weeks later I was surfing the Internet for a new job when I saw one of my former employees in an online chat room. He asked me how my job hunt was going. I jokingly said, “I have not found one yet, but I would love to get a job praying for people all day long.” I then typed, LOL, to let him know that I was making a joke. He saw my statement, but he didn’t think it was funny. He responded, “That would be a perfect job for you!” As soon as he spoke, I felt the anointing so strong I could hardly sit still. I could not get out of that chat room fast enough. I made up an excuse and signed out. I then asked the Lord what he wanted me to do. He told me to broaden my normal job search and to go beyond what I know. I thought okay, let’s do a job search for Christian companies. One of the first companies to pop up was a local ministry.

When I clicked on the link to the website, I knew this was what the Lord wanted for me. This was the click that changed my life. The anointing was so strong I could hardly type. I filled out the company’s application on Monday. I received a call on Thursday asking me to come in for an interview. A went in the next day, which was Friday, for the interview. On the following Tuesday, I received an offer. On the following Monday, I started work. Within one week, I was employed. Up until that point, I had sent in hundreds of resumes, but I had not received a response from any of the companies. The Lord had answered my prayer. I told him to block the job if it was not for me. Therefore, he blocked them all and sent me one. He sent me a job praying for people, just as I had asked. I have been working for the ministry for almost seven years, and I have received two promotions. Trusting the Lord requires bravery and obedience. Seven years ago, the Lord moved me from a job making six figures to one paying slightly above minimum wage, and I have never been happier! Be brave enough to cross that line of faith and watch him work.



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