Fly Away!

Many years ago, when I was in my 20s, I was at home in prayer and meditation. One day while I was praying suddenly I felt and saw myself flying in the sky. I was slowly moving straight up towards the clouds. As I lifted my head up and out into the distance, I knew that the higher I went up I was going to see where the earth ended, and heaven began. I kept looking up because I didn’t want to miss anything I was getting ready to see. This was not a death experience. I did not feel bad. I knew I was not dead. I felt like it was a gift. I felt like I was given an opportunity to see what heaven looked like.

As I flew I was so focused on not missing anything I did not want to look down to see what the earth looked liked from that height; I didn’t care. I didn’t want to miss one inch of this beautiful picture I knew I was going to see. As I headed up to see heaven I noticed out in the distance other people were going up as well. However, my first thought when I saw all the other people was that even though there were a lot of people going up, I noticed that the sky was not crowded. So, I immediately knew that not everyone was being given the opportunity to go up and see this. Not wanting to miss anything I continued to look up towards heaven, but I also took a quick glance to my left and my right because I wondered if any of my family and friends were going up. As I glanced around to my left and right, I didn’t see anyone that I knew. However, I did see a guy coming past me wearing his pajamas. Also, another guy coming up behind me lightly bumped me on my shoulder as he flew past me. When I turned to glance at who it was, I got a quick look at his face, but I did not recognize him. As I turned to look at him, suddenly I was back in my living room sitting in my chair. I never got an opportunity to see where the earth ended, and heaven began.

What amazes me about this experience is that at that time in my life I had not heard of salvation. I hadn’t read a Bible. I didn’t own a Bible. If I did, I had never opened it, and I had never heard of the word rapture. I wrote the experience down in a journal, but it was over 30 years later before I realized that I may have been given a vision of the rapture. I had not thought about this experience because at the time I did not understand its importance. It has only been within the last 5 to 10 years when the Lord brought it to my remembrance that I realized the significance. When I think about it, I am filled with joy as I look forward to being able to fly away to see my new home.



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