He Heard The Call!

Years ago, I had a large monthly bill I had to pay. The problem with this bill was that the due date was on a non-payday week. This caused me to struggle each month to get this bill paid. The company was relentless about being paid on time. Within 24 hours of being late, the phone started to ring. I had already requested twice to have my due date changed to the end of the month. This way it gave me the entire month to collect the money and pay the bill. My requests were denied each time. Desperate to get the date changed I decided to give the company a call one more time. If they refused to change the date I was going to be in big trouble. There were going to be months when I would not be able to pay on time.

Before making the call, I prayed for favor with the company. I made the call, and I was immediately placed on hold. I was on hold for a little over 20 minutes. As the on-hold music played in the background, I prayed in the spirit on my end of the phone. Finally, the customer service representative responded and asked for the reason for my call. I explained to her that I needed my bill due date changed. She asked me to give her a minute to pull my file and do some research. As she looked up my name and address, she noticed that I lived near a military base. She commented that she was once in the military and was stationed at the nearby base. I laughed and told her that I was stationed there as well. She asked the dates I was there, and we found out that we were stationed at the same base at the same time only in different units. As she did her research, we laughed and talked about being in the military and what it was like for a woman. At the end of the conversation, she had changed the date to the end of the month. A request that went denied for over two years. At the end of the call, I was overwhelmed. I knew the Lord had intervened to connect us on that day at that time. Praise God he is a provider!



2 thoughts on “He Heard The Call!

  1. Kim,

    Thank you so much for your comments. As I listened to this woman I kept thinking to myself, what are the odds? What are the chances that I would get this woman on this phone call? Once the call was over, and the date was changed that’s when it clicked in how the Lord had intervened. You are so right, that was the favor of God!


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