Show Me The Nail!

A few days ago, I got in the car to head off to work. As soon as I turned the car on, I looked at the dashboard and saw an alert that indicated that I had lost so much air in one of my tires that it was almost flat. I got out of the car and walked around to look at the rear tire. The dash was correct the tire was almost flat. It looked like it had just enough air in it for me to drive to the gas station and fill it up.

I filled the tire and headed to work. I figured I would deal with it once I got off. Once I got off work, it was flat again, so I went across the street to a gas station to fill it again. I then headed to a tire shop. As I was driving to the tire shop, I started praying for the Lord to show me the nail that was in my tire. I wanted to see the nail with my own eyes. The reason for this request was because about 10 to 15 years ago I had a tire which had a slow leak. Ultimately, I took it to a tire shop. When I arrived, I checked in and then went and sat in the lobby. While I was sitting in the lobby, this voice kept tugging at me to go into the garage and watch the guy change my tire. However, each time I was prompted to watch the guy I ignored the prompt and continued to play around with my cell phone. After several minutes, the mechanic came to the lobby and told me that he couldn’t plug the tire but that I was going to have to purchase a new one. At that moment, I felt like someone had punched me in the stomach. Everything made sense. The Lord had been telling me to watch this guy, but I didn’t, and because of that, I had to buy a new tire. I remembered that when I checked in they asked me if I had seen the nail that was in the tire. I told them no. Since I hadn’t seen it, and I wasn’t watching what he was doing I would never know whether the fix could have been a $20 plug versus a $100 new tire.

The mechanic then began to tell me that the air was leaking from a portion of the tire that could not be plugged. He was very happy to show me where it was. When I went to the garage and looked at the tire, I wanted to scream! There was a slice on the tire about an inch long. It looked like it had been stabbed with a knife, and the location of the slice was astonishing. I could not logically figure out how this could have happened by accident. At this point, there was nothing that I could do. I had no choice but to buy a new tire. My disobedience cost me over $100.

So as I drove to the tire shop a couple of days ago, I asked the Lord to show me the nail. I wanted to see it. I looked at the tire four times before getting to the tire shop. I figured that as the tire rotated, I would be able to see different sections of it when I stopped. However, I wasn’t able to locate the nail. I prayed as I drove to the shop that I would be able to see it. I also knew from what the Lord had told me before that I was going to follow the man to the garage and watch him work on my tire.

I arrived at the tire shop, parked my car and then went to check-in. This time, instead of going and sitting in the lobby I continued to stand at the counter looking through the window of the garage, and a window to the lot at the same time. My car was parked outside in the lot, so I was watching as they assigned my car to a mechanic, and the mechanic prepared his bay. I followed him to my car in the lot and walked behind it as he drove it into the bay. It was freezing outside, and to make matters worse I left my coat sitting on the front seat of the car. There was nothing I was going to do to deter me from taking my eyes off the car and off the mechanic.

As I stood in the cold, I watched the mechanic turn the hydraulic lift on and lift my car up off the ground. We both stood behind the car as it lifted up. When the lift stopped, we both looked at each other in total shock. There was the nail! He didn’t have to rotate the tire. He didn’t have to change its position. He didn’t have to search to find it. Both of us looked at the tire; we then looked at each other, but for a few seconds we were speechless. Then he said, “Look at that! There’s the nail.” He said, “It’s right there! Do you see it?” I said, “You bet I do!” He said, “I can fix that no problem. I’ll plug it for you in minutes. A plug is $19.99.”

As he left to get his tools all I could do was praise the Lord. Being obedient always pays off.



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