You Pray To What?

Not too long ago I had a conversation with a young woman I have known all my life. She was telling me about how she was going through a difficult time. As we talked, she told me the details of her situation, and I listened. I then asked her what she did to get through difficult times. She said, “I pray to the universe to help me.” I thought Lord have mercy! In my mind, I thought you can pray to the universe from now until doomsday, but you’ll never get an answer until you start praying to the Creator of the universe.

This young woman was raised in a Christian home and knew about salvation. She told me that she gave herself to the Lord as a child. Twenty or thirty years ago, I would have accepted this statement as proof of her salvation. Now whenever I encounter someone who says that they gave themselves to the Lord as a child I always ask a follow-up question. I ask them at what point as an adult did they have a significant experience when they with forethought and free will confirmed and acknowledged Jesus as their Lord and Savior. The reason I ask this question is that adults often influence children. When children go to the altar, church folks go crazy. Yes, I know it is a big deal! I am just saying that when someone tells me that they were saved as a child, I want to know when as a freethinking adult did their Christian walk move to the renewing of their mind.

As I listened to this young woman, I refrained from jumping on the Holy Ghost bandwagon because I knew from experience why she spoke the way she did. Before I was saved, I used to speak that way as well. I used to talk in generalities. I used to avoid saying the word God, Jesus or Bible. I used to cringe anytime someone started talking about God. I was uncomfortable, and I would start to fidget. However, I also recognized that whenever someone said something to me about God, or Jesus, or the Bible, deep down I felt they were right. The problem was that I refused to admit that I was wrong. When talking to her, I recognized she was lost. I knew that until she came to terms with who Jesus was she would continue to ignore him.

As I listened to the details of her situation, I contemplated how to get through to her. I tossed around several different approaches. I finally asked myself the question. How did it happen for me? How did I with forethought and free will give myself to the Lord? Ultimately, I concluded the only way this happened was through the prayers of those who prayed for my salvation. They prayed my eyes would open to the truth. They prayed for the Holy Spirit to change my heart. As I spoke with this young woman, I thought it was now time for me to do the same for her. It was time for her to stop praying to the universe to line-up the stars. It was time to pray for her eyes to open to the truth, and to surrender her life to the Creator.



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