Open Your Ears!

A couple of years ago I was startled awake when I heard what sounded like a powerful gun going off about 2 to 3 inches from my ear. I heard a loud boom, and I immediately sat up in the bed. I was confused as I attempted to figure out what had just happened. I then began to sense that my left ear was beginning to feel a little funny. It didn’t hurt, but I knew it didn’t feel normal. I got up, and I tried to look at it, feel it, and touch it, but I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. After staying up several minutes investigating, I decided to go back to bed. Over the next couple of days, I began to have “airplane ear.” My ear felt a little clogged. There was no pain, and I could continue to do my normal activities it just didn’t go away. Finally, I decided I had better go to the urgent care walk-in clinic to have my ear checked out. I arrived at the clinic on a Monday morning. I told them what happened, and they said they had never heard anything like that before. Many of the technicians talked amongst themselves and tried to figure out what it could be. They were all stumped. I told them, “Well, that’s what happened, and that’s what it felt like.” They examined my ear, and they told me that my eardrum was mangled, twisted, and deformed. They asked me if I had ever been told that before. I told them no and that my last examination was about ten years ago, and they were the ones who did the examination. They decided that the best thing for me to do would be to see an ear specialist. They set up an appointment the same week on that Friday morning. I left the clinic, went back to work, and continued to do my normal activities.

The church that I attend has a satellite church about 10 miles from my house which has a service on Thursday evenings. I decided that though I did not regularly attend this church, I would go and have them pray over my ear before my appointment with the specialist the next day. If you have a prayer request, you write it down on a piece of paper, and it gets handed to the pastor at the end of the service. When I arrived, I filled out the paper, and it was given to the pastor. At the end of the service, from the front of the church, the pastor looked at me, and said, “Everyone, please raise your hands towards Ms. Sandra, and let’s pray for the healing of her ear.” I sat quietly in the pew praying along with them. No one touched me. Everyone just raised their hands in my direction. To my surprise in the middle of the prayer my left ear popped open, and I could feel the air from the air conditioner on in the church enter my ear. I noticed I could hear better, and I was shocked. After everyone had finished praying, I went as quickly as I could to the pastor and told him what happened, and he rejoiced with me.

I decided to keep my appointment with the ear specialist because I thought it would be great proof for the non-believers. When I walked into the office of the ear specialist, several people came up to me and said that they had been waiting for this appointment all week. I said, “Why?” They said because they had already received a note from the urgent care clinic about a woman who had a mangled eardrum as a result of hearing a loud boom in the middle of the night. I smiled and said, “That would be me!” They took me to a room to begin the examination. Multiple people came in and out looking at my ear and comparing it to their paperwork.

After the examination had been completed, they said that they didn’t know what happened, but my ear was normal. It was not mangled; it was not deformed or twisted. It looked perfectly normal and healthy. I said, “I know what happened! I was healed at church last night!” The technician who was looking at the paperwork didn’t even bother to look up from the notes. She said with a lack of enthusiasm and interest, “Yeah right, good.” I could tell that she didn’t believe me and that she thought I was some overzealous wacko Christian. Nevertheless, I did not care. I knew what happened. They were stumped. One of their peers made a diagnosis of a mangled ear, and now it was healthy.

While they tried to figure out what happened another technician came in and told me that since it had been ten years since my last examination, we should do a hearing check.  I completed the examination, and they came back and told me that my score was identical to the score I had received ten years earlier. They gave me a clean bill of health, and I left the office.

As I drove home, I kept thinking what an amazing experience. I didn’t ask for healing, and it manifest three weeks later after the prayer. I didn’t ask for healing, and it manifest while driving on the way home from church. I asked for healing, and it manifested right in the middle of the prayer! God is a healer!



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