Three Nudges!

Recently I went out-of-state on a business trip. When I arrived at my destination, I needed to pick up my rental car. Once at the counter, the car rental agent began to discuss the terms of my contract. Whenever you rent a car, you are always asked if you want to purchase additional insurance, which I always decline. The agency offered me five additional types of insurance. For each type, the agent asked me the same question until she got to the last insurance coverage. For the first four types she said, “Ms. Sandra would you like to purchase the additional XYZ insurance coverage?” Each time I said, “No.” When she got to the fifth coverage, she changed the phrasing of her question. Instead of saying, “Ms. Sandra would you like to purchase the additional XYZ insurance coverage?” She said, “Will this be the same? Do you only want the minimum coverage?” My response to the question was yes. When I responded, I thought I was declining this insurance coverage just the way I had declined all the others. However, that was not the case. Instead, what I agreed to pay was for the coverage at the lowest cost of $30 per day. By rephrasing the question and asking me in rapid fire succession, she caught me by surprise. I thought I agreed to accept what came automatically with my contract at no additional fee.

Here is where things get embarrassing. When I responded yes to her question, I felt the Lord nudge me to ask the agent if this coverage was going to be an additional charge. Unfortunately, I didn’t. I was tired, and I wanted to get to the hotel. I rationalized my decision by saying to myself if there’s something wrong with my bill I’ll take care of it when I got to the hotel. What in the world was I thinking! The Lord had just told me something was wrong with it. I let my tired flesh get in the way, and do what I wanted which was to deal with it later.

I left the rental car counter and headed outside to the parking lot to pick up my car. To get to the lot, I needed to get in the elevator and go down to the ground floor. When I walked into the elevator, two other men walked in behind me. All three of us were at the same rental car counter at the same time being serviced by three different agents. The last guy to walk into the elevator was shaking his head. He said, “You really have to watch those agents. If you’re not careful, they will try to slip things past you that you didn’t agree to pay for.” This was nudge number two. Again, the Lord told me to check my bill.

As the elevator descended to the ground floor, I tossed around the thought of going back, but by then I was even more convinced that though there was a problem, I would take care of it when I got to the hotel. Once I arrived at the hotel and checked in, I decided to run a few errands. By the time, I finished running errands, unpacking, and eating dinner it was late. Just as I got ready to step into the shower, I felt the third nudge. The Lord told me to check my bill. Finally, I decided to check my bill. I sat down and analyzed the bill, and there it was, as bold as day. In addition to the week-long rental car fee the contract had me paying an additional $210 for insurance, I didn’t agree to. All I could do was ask the Lord for forgiveness. I was devastated by my disobedience. He warned me repeatedly, and all I did was ignore Him. I found the customer service number on the bill and called. I explained the situation to the customer service representative, and he told me that the charge could be removed from my bill. Praise God I said! But here is the kicker. To have it removed, I had to go back to the airport to the rental car counter in person. He said this was the only way they would know that I was making the request.

I would love to tell you that I always do what the Lord says and when. Obviously as you can see that is not the case. I tell everyone for each time I hear the Lord speak to me there are another 100 times I don’t. In addition, to make matters worse sometimes when I do hear Him I’m obedient and sometimes I’m not. Disobedience is serious. No matter how big or little you may think it is, in God’s eyes it’s one big fat sin! I just thank the Lord he never stops nudging.



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