Don’t Move Until I Tell You

One night as I was getting ready for bed I saw a news clip about a job fair the next day. When I saw it, I jumped up and started screaming thank you, Jesus! I worked for a ministry, and though I enjoyed my job, the pay made it extremely difficult to make ends meet. When I saw the commercial, I was convinced this was a sign from God. I jumped up, and I ran to my computer, and I started printing out resumes and cover letters. I got my interview suit ready and was so excited I could hardly sleep.

The next morning I got dressed and headed to work. When I got about two car lengths from my subdivision, I remembered that I did not ask the Lord about going to the job fair. I said, “Oh, Lord, I forgot to ask you if this is what you wanted me to do.” Before I could finish my sentence, I received a resounding no! I was heartbroken. From what I could tell on the news this was going to be a fantastic job fair. The advertisement indicated that they were specifically looking for veterans, women, and minorities. I was hitting three for three! I knew I couldn’t lose! Disappointed at missing out on this wonderful opportunity I drove to work in silence.

Not long after arriving I received a phone call from someone who was seeking advice. She wanted to talk to someone about how to restore her marriage. She told me that she had made the biggest mistake of her life. She said the Lord had placed her in the best-anointed job she had ever had. She loved her job, but to my surprise, she said she left it. The decision to leave was hers and not the Lords. She told me the reason she left was to spend more time with her husband. To make this happen, she got a job where he worked so they could have lunch together every day. However, as she tried to justify her reasons for leaving her ministry position she revealed that she suspected her husband was having an affair. By getting a job at his company, she could find out the truth.

Once she changed jobs, everything fell apart. She discovered that he was having an affair so out of spite she decided to have one as well. Unfortunately, her affair was exposed, and she lost her job. When her husband found out he was so embarrassed he quit and married the other woman. I thought to myself what would have happened if she had asked the Lord if she should quit before quitting? What would have happened if she started praying for her marriage? As I listened to her dilemma, I knew this was the Lord telling me, “Don’t move until I tell you to!” Well, I am proud to say that I heard him, and I am still with the same ministry, and I have never been happier.



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