God Will Provide

I use to work for a company that was experiencing some difficult times. There were a lot of rumors about downsizing and jobs being lost. I prayed that I would not be one of the ones to lose my job. There was also a tremendous amount of anxiety. The company had a terrible history of having many layoffs, so another round of pink slips was not out of the ordinary. To add to the stress we received an interesting e-mail from our company president. He told us that the company was going through some difficult times and he needed our help. He told us that if we agreed to give back one week of our pay this might be what is needed to jump-start the ailing business. The response from the employees to the request ranged from a resounding yes; to absolutely not! At the time of the announcement, there were numerous discussions in the hallway. The discussions focused on the fact that some employees felt they would give up a week’s pay, and still lose their jobs. As I thought about what the company was asking of me, my response was very simple. They gave me a job when I needed one, so the least I could do was to give them one week of my pay. However, at the time I could not afford to give up the pay. I talked to the Lord, and I said, “Lord you know I need this money; I am trusting you to take care of me.”

The reduction in pay was scheduled to occur about four months after receiving the e-mail. I signed the paperwork and prayed over it as I turned in my Consent Form. Two weeks after signing the Consent Form, I received a letter in the mail from the college where I taught part-time. The letter stated that they were reviewing their records, and they found that they miscalculated my pay, and they owed me money. They discovered the error and sent me a check in the mail. When I saw the check, I was stunned. The check I received was almost identical to the pay I gave up. There was only a difference of $50. I looked at the check and saw that I did not have to cash the check right away, so I tucked the check away for three to four months and then deposited it on the day my pay was to be reduced. God will provide!



2 thoughts on “God Will Provide

  1. Yes it was an awesome demonstration of his provision. I trusted him and he provided. I could have lived in fear for 4 months, or not been grateful and given back to the company, or trust Him and be blessed. I like the blessing. 🙂


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