Take It Up With the Lord!

A few years ago on a Friday afternoon John, a family member, was flipping through the local newspaper. As he scanned the pages, he found an article posted announcing registration to attend a 4-year program to become a Catholic Deacon. The article announced the date and the time for registration and the start date of the classes. When he saw the article, it was on the last day of registration and classes were to begin the next day on Saturday.

As soon as he read the article he knew this was something the Lord wanted him to do. He quickly headed to the registration site. When he arrived, he walked in and saw a gentleman sitting at a registration desk. He walked up to the registration desk and told the gentleman that he was interested in registering for the program. John said the registrar looked at him with a look that said, “You’ve got to be kidding!” The registrar told him that they had been interviewing applicants all week, and the process was complete. He asked John if he expected that everyone was going to drop what they were doing, one hour before close on a Friday to talk to him about the program. John calmly looked at him and said, “You are going to have to take that up with the Lord. I am just doing what he told me to do.” There was silence for a few seconds and then the registrar left and went to talk to the head of the program. A few minutes later he returned, and John was registered and started the program the next day.

Whenever I see John I often think about his statement, “You are going to have to take that up with the Lord.” Only a man led by the Lord would give such a bold response. He had no doubt what the Lord wanted him to do. His destiny was set, and all he had to do was walk it out. Praise God that is what he did! John completed the program and is now one of the few African-American Catholic Deacons in the country.



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