Devine Connection

Not too long ago on a Saturday afternoon I was struggling with the fact that I did not want to go to church on Sunday. I wanted to spend my Sunday walking in the park. Walking for exercise is a normal part of my day, but usually I go to church and then go walking. However, on this Saturday I battled with guilt and conviction about not wanting to go to church. As I completed my Saturday chores and errands, I battled back and forth with what to do. At the end of the day, I went to bed but I tossed and turned all night long. I would make up my mind to go to church and then convince myself not to. I was in a terrible battle. Finally, I decided not to go. With my mind made up, the next morning I got dressed and went to the park.

As I drove into the parking area, I noticed a young man in a wheelchair speeding up the walking path. The minute I saw him I knew the Lord wanted me to pray for him. I knew this was why He wanted me to come to the park. As I entered the walking path the young man in the wheelchair did not see me. He kept his eyes forward as he pushed the wheels with his hands. Suddenly as if being called he turned his head to the left and looked up at me. As soon as our eyes met he suddenly stopped his wheelchair. He grabbed hold of the wheels so hard the chair screeched. He then made a sharp left turn and rolled in front of me and stopped. He placed his hands on his lap and looked at me. No words were spoken. We both knew why we were there. To break the ice I said, “You are going pretty fast in that chair.” He said, “Yes I have to, I am a young man.” I said, “Yes I can see that.” The young man looked to be about 20 years old. I then asked him if he was open to receive prayer. He said, yes and took off his racing gloves. I then asked him his prayer request. He said, “I want prayer for patience and understanding.” I prayed, and he thanked me and then continued to race down the path.

Often we do not know why the Lord places us somewhere to be ministered to or to minister to others. We just know that it was the favor of the Lord at work in our lives. This incident is a good reminder of both why these divine connections help to build our faith, and that there is an enemy trying to stop the connection. I try my best to remain alert, and when the Lord places a connection in front of me, I try to let the Holy Spirit do his work.



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