The Love of Money!

When I was growing up, I had a clear understanding of what I needed to do to succeed. I wasn’t athletic, I couldn’t dance or sing, and I wasn’t beautiful, so I knew I would have to go to college. I also understood that money was the ticket to an easier life. If a job wasn’t going to pay me well, it didn’t matter how much I loved it. If I couldn’t support myself, it was not worth doing. My recipe for success was to go to college and get a good education. I knew this would lead to getting a good job and making a lot of money. Making a lot of money meant, I could buy lots of stuff! So off to college I went!

I graduated with an MBA and headed for the ultimate corporate job. I climbed the corporate ladder working for several Fortune 500 companies. I made good money, but I didn’t have a passion for what I was doing. The more money I made, the more I convinced myself that I liked what I was doing, and I was where I should be. I climbed the corporate ladder for several years. At one point, I was recruited by a company and asked to relocate to another state. I had known before I took the job that I would hate it. However, the salary, the bonus, and the promotion convinced me to make the move. Everything started going downhill on day one of my new job. Yes! That’s right, on day one! I showed up at my new job in an executive level position to find the building I was to work in had run out of office space. The extension they were building was not complete, so the big plush office they promised me did not exist.

Every day I was miserable. I hated the job; I hated the business, I hated the way I was treated. I felt trapped. My health began to deteriorate, and my emotions were out of whack. When the alarm clock went off in the morning, I was constantly fighting tears. Finally, one Friday I went in to work, and I walked into my office that was a conference room I converted, and I closed the door. I stood in the middle of the conference room, and I heard the Lord say, “Leave this job before it kills you.” Immediately I got my purse, and I walked down the hallway to my boss and quit after ten months on the job.

I went home, and I started my job search. Immediately I found a job that I thought was perfect. I knew this was my dream job. The position was a corporate Instructor. I would teach workshops and classes to company executives and their clients across the United States. My focus was on business plans, strategic management, and organizational development. Though my heart wanted this job, I tossed it aside because I thought they were not going to pay me what I needed. I ignored my heart and continued to look elsewhere. I was out of work for seven months when I ran into that same job again. Yes, after seven months, it was still open. Desperate to work I decided that I would give them a call. Not only did I get an interview, but I got the job! And guess what, they paid me the same salary I was getting on the job that I hated. Once I started working, I found out that two other people applied for the job within the past seven months. One quit on the first day because they would not give them an office, and the other quit after two weeks because they found something they liked better. The position remained open for seven months until I showed up. Could it be that the Lord held that job open for me?

Be Blessed,


2 thoughts on “The Love of Money!

  1. Thank you for sharing your testimony, Sandra! What a powerful reminder to hear from God. He truly directs our steps. I am thrilled that He directed yours!


    1. Dayna,

      Lessons in money have been some of the most difficult lessons I’ve had to learn. Much of it had to do with the fact that I focused on it most of my life. It overshadowed my thought process. But praise God he was always there to pick me up! Thank you for the encouragement.


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